Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying So Long is sooo hard....

Last night my co-workers wanted to have a little get together and farewell dinner for myself and my husband. We meet at Olive Garden. I thought we would just have a nice dinner together and enjoy going out together as a group one last time. But they had other plans. There were gifts!!! For me!!! And what amazing gifts they were. I adore coffee. Love love love it. My wonderful boss and his wife gave me a Keurig Coffee Maker with all kinds of wonderful coffee to go with it. It was such a surprise!!

I look very pleased with it...don't I? And....from my co-workers. These ladies know me so very well. They know my addiction with Mary Engelbreit. And, they know I love quilting. So what did they do for me? They took some of the funny sayings each one says and stitched it onto fabric. Then, turned it into a quilted wall hanging! Let's just say...I had NO control of my tears after opening this up. They simply would not stop. Actually...they are still flowing now as I type this.

Debbie did the sewing and stitching. I heard her say she was up very late finishing it for me. She did a fantastic job and I will promptly hang it in my sewing room when we get moved so each time I look at it....I will remember a place with people I so dearly love.

Karen was responsible for sewing these beautiful pillows for me!! She took pictures from the cruise our doctor took us on a few years ago and put them onto the pillows. She made two with pictures of us and one with a poem about friends. Once again...Mary Engelbreit fabric was used. And rumor has it she was up very very very late finishing these up for me. Bless her heart!!

The gifts were lovely....but not as much as the people behind them. How on earth can I not be around this group of women each week? How can I tell them "so long" on my last day of work Wednesday? How can I tell each one of them how much I cherish their friendship? How can I thank them for being so much fun to work with? I am a very talkative person. But at this time of my life....I am without words. And, my heart is breaking.

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