Friday, November 20, 2009

Some Ho Ho Ho Love

My baby sissy went to St Louis a couple weeks ago with a dear friend of hers...who also happens to be a paper addict like she is. While there....she found a little project that she thought she would make me. And man! Am I ever so glad that she did!!! I love vintage things. I especially love vintage pictures of myself and my family as children. That will get me every time. :) Isn't this the cutest thing? A little shadow box with mittens hanging on a little clothes line. And on those little mittens are pictures of she and I as children at Christmas.

In this one, I am wearing a little smock dress that I believe my Grandma Mac made me. I am also holding a stuffed Santa that I still have to this date!
I just love this "just because" present she made me. I swear she should quit that job at the bank playing with numbers (yuckie!) and play with paper all day. She is very talented and crafty that little sis-o-mine.

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Ali said...

If only my paper job had a 401K and insurance, I just might consider quitting the banking job. Glad you love it, I loved making it for you.

Little Sis