Thursday, June 11, 2009


A couple years ago my hubby and I took a vacation to St. John Virgin Island. There is lots to tell you about that place!! Beautiful is not even accurate enough to describe the island. Can you believe that green/blue/turquoise water!!! We have been blessed to take several vacations to amazing places. On our trip to St. John we rented a little cottage on the side of a mountain. It was sooo lovely! On the deck of the cottage, there was a rainbow colored swing that I would sit in several times a day. I would eat my breakfast in there, read in there, crochet in there, nap in there and just swing. Here I am with my fresh mango eating breakfast in it. :)
When we got home, I asked my husband if we could get one. He said yes, since he enjoyed the swing too, and we got one. Well, we did not have a good tree to hang it from so we put it in the garage until we could come up with a plan to hang it and sadly, we forgot about that little swing!! Until the other day......

Here is my little swing. My daughter and my kitty are enjoying it. We have all been having so much fun swinging in that little swing. Can you see the foot rest? And, on the upper right side, there is a little cup holder for my iced tea or diet coke. Ahhhhhh!! The animals love to come outside and swing and watch what is going on in the back yard. My husband and a friend built a wooden "cross" to hang the swing from. So, some of my summer thus far has been outside, listening to Styx and The Eagles and Elton John and Journey and Fleetwood Mac on the oldies radio channel and remembering a simpler time long ago when I was a child.....and swinging.

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