Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Capitol

Today we took the kids to Springfield Illinois for a history lesson. Abraham Lincoln lived in Illinois. He was our 16th President. He was a good man we learned today. We visited his museum today, his home that he lived in with his wife and three sons and his tomb. All three places were very interesting. When I was in 8th grade, we took a field trip to Springfield and we saw his home and his tomb but the museum was something new. Here are some pictures from today....

Here is the Lincoln family made in wax. They looked very life-like. Kind of spooky really.

This was a neat exhibit. It was set up to tell people about Lincoln's years in the White House.

Here we are being silly in Mary Todd Lincoln's attic where we played dress up. I am Mary.....

My nephew is Honest Abe......

And so is my daughter...complete with top hat and coat. Dashing! :)

This is the only home that Lincoln ever owned we were told. It has been restored inside and out. It has wallpaper and carpet that was re-created from sketches they found of the house. Some of the Lincoln's furniture was inside. You should of seen how small their kitchen was! Geesh! Nothing like today's standards......that's for sure.

And lastly, these were taken at his tomb. This is where Lincoln and his wife and three sons are buried. It was really amazing for the kids, and my sister and I, to see this history.

And tradition has it that if you rub the bronze sculpture of Lincoln's nose, you will have good luck. So we tried it out.....just for luck. :)

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