Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Let me just tell you.... if I were independently wealthy and did not need to work ..... I could have soooo much fun!!! I have been enjoying the time off from work this past week so very much! I had nothing on my agenda to do but hang out with my girls and sew. Well, there are two days left of my vacation and I finally sewed something today! I have been wanting to take some of the old flat bed pillows that have been hanging around the house and convert them into something pretty for my chairs outdoors. I bought a little tablecloth at the antique store a couple weeks ago and today I cut her up and made a little envelope pillow case for one of the pillows. Here she is......

I put a little bit of pink rick-rack for trim on the bottom and sewed two little yellow buttons for some extra bling. It looks really cute on my chair. A friend came over for coffee today and we tried it out. :)
My hubby also put in a clothes line for me. I washed my sheets today and put them out on the line. I am sooooo excited to climb in bed tonight and smell them. Yummmmmm.........

See the little pink dress hanging with the sheets? That is my clothes pin bag that I bought at the flea market a couple years ago. If one must do the mundane task of should be surrounded by cuteness....don't you agree? ;)

I just love this BIG coffee cup and saucer pot. I put some flowers in there that seem to be very happy with their home. Living in a coffee cup would be lovely.......

A friend introducted me to these little jewels last year. I wish that she would not of!!!! I love them! I put them in a little dish next to my computer and I just can't control myself. Do you hear that created a midgee monster! ;)

And lastly, this is my newest little toy I won on Ebay. What would you like me to make for you? Cuppy cakes? Say...chocolate with pale pink butter cream frosting? Yup....that would be so nice. I saw one on this gals blog and thought wouldn't a vintage toy oven look ever so cute in my kitchen. My in-laws give me money for my birthday and I bought this for myself with that. :) I just love it!

So this is some fun I have been having the last few days. Boy do I wish I was independently wealthy....maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket. HA!


Dawn Gahan said...

Love the pillow, the clothesline makes me happy, and the little stove is charming (good purchase with the birthday money!).

I'm with you on the keeping busy thing. If I didn't have to work, I would sooooo enjoy doing a ton of things. A week off for me would certainly be lovely and much appreciated if it were at the beach, but staying at home and nesting is pretty darn wonderful.

Enjoy the little that's left of your nesting time.


Creative Minds said...

The pillow is sooo cute! And the toy is amazing! Awesome! :)

I wish I didn't have to work either - oh the things I could do!