Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Goodies

My sister and I had a brief window of time Saturday where we could be together kid free. BE STILL MY HEART!! That happens with us like....almost never. So, I called her and asked if she wanted to go to the little antique shop in town. We had a lot of fun looking around. She was looking for specific things to use with her crafts that she likes to do and I was just looking for things I like! HA! Here are some of my goodies from today.....

Little Scottie dog planter that she informed me must have a succulent plant inside the wagon. $4.00

Little doll dress with the cutest little pink stitches at the neckline. $1.50

Vintage looking flag for outside 4th of July decorations and festivities. $3.00

This came in the mail today for me. I am soooo thankful this magazine has not folded. So many of my favorites have went belly up and for a magazine addict....this is very disturbing. If you have not picked up one of these magazines, I encourage you to. The photos are breathtaking and the articles are wonderful and it is just a very encouraging magazine. Oh ya, there are fantastic recipes inside as well!

A tisket a tasket a little picnic basket........

My daughter and I got this picnic basket from Target the other day. They are $14.00 and there are a couple different designs you can choose from. We went with the light wood with the bandanna print liner. We decided we liked the way it looked summery for our picnics. We already have one scheduled for next Wednesday (if it does not rain!!!)

And lastly, these little tin buckets came from Target as well. They were in the dollar bins at the front of the store. We have plans to use them for our 4th of July shin-dig.

Happy Sunday to you!!!!!

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