Thursday, November 27, 2008

A whole lot of turkey going on!

Well...we made it! Another holiday dinner under our belts. And, I must say....we had to loosen our belts after this meal. Holy Turkey! We were all in carb comas after this meal. Here was our menu....this MOIST and TENDER bird (by far the best one I have ever made and I have made a lot!)
Not only was he tender and yummy, he was pretty too! HA!
We also had mashed potatoes, dressing, noodles, deviled eggs, ambrosia salad, orange jello salad, cranberry salad, rolls with apple and pumpkin butter, green beans and broccoli and califlower salad. Then for dessert, we had pumpkin roll, red velvet cake roll, pumpkin pie, brownies and cherry pie.

Here is a picture of the cherry pie. My niece, Erin, made it in her home ec class. She was not sure if she got a grade on it or not, but I told her she should of....and it would of gotten a A+ if I were her teacher. It was yummo!! She did an excellent job!

Here is the pumpkin pie I made for my hubby. He, lets say, kind of threw a fit when he heard there was all those other desserts going to be here and no pie for him. So, I made a pumpkin pie for him. I kind of put some bling on it. Those are little cinnamon and sugar maple leaves on the edges of the pie and also a few in the center along with a couple cinnamon sugar pumpkins. It was pretty and yummy....if I do say so myself. ;)

This is a picture of my baby sister and I. She is the taller one. :) I am the shorter one. The much shorter one. HA! We both wore brown today. Great minds think alike.

We spent time in the afternoon drinking yummy coffee and eating pie sitting around the table visiting and laughing and remembering the past and holidays gone by. It was fun listening to my father in law and mother in law and my mother talk about old times and their first jobs and how much or little money they used to make when they were young. I looked at the table and teared up today. My mom and my father in law are the same age. Both are not in good health. I worry about both of them. I told God right then and there that I was soooo thankful that He gave me both of these wonderful people to share my life with. What a blessing everyone at my table is to me! My mother in law, my sister in law, my niece, my daddy, my nephew, my sister, my husband and my daughters.....all mean so much to me. I am very thankful for the gift of them. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Now, scoot over kitty and doggie...mama needs the couch. I need to loosen my belt and let this food settle. :)

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