Sunday, January 1, 2012

Plan B

 Happy New Year!  So what did you do last night?  It was a different night for me.  Both girls spent the night with friends last night.  So that left hubby and myself home alone.  Our first New Years Eve alone in sixteen years.  He actually said the house was too quiet.  Ha!  I popped popcorn and watched Mr. Dick Clark count down the New Year.  Also watched some "Lady" perform that had on the most craziest costume I have ever seen.  For some reason, that is not entertainment in my book.  I didn't get it.  I suppose I am old.  Oh well.  When the lights were out and I was ready to hop into my comfy bed, I kept hearing "Boom!  Bang!" I looked outside and saw the neighbors letting off fireworks.  Big fireworks!  It was quite a display!  They were celebrating for sure.

That got me thinking.  I need to celebrate this fresh start of a new year as well.  I have had a rough 2011.  Not as rough as some, but rough for me.  To say I am ready to kick 2011 to the curb would be accurate.  I went to bed last night full of hope.  There are a few things in my life I am less than pleased with.  Time to make some changes!  Time for Plan B!
 This morning I am drinking the most wonderful cup of coffee in my "Good Morning" mug and filled with excitement for the changes that I hope will be coming in my life this new year.  It is time to be brave and make those changes.  Plan B can be scary and unknown....but I am full of hope that it will be good none the less.  I pray that your New Years is full and overflowing with God's goodness as well.


notes of sincerity said...

Grateful for the challenges that make us stronger, by relying on our Lord, but also grateful for the confidence we have in knowing that He will not give us more than we can withstand. :o) I too am jumping off with a plan B and will be praying for you through this year as you step into the unknown. Our sweet Savior is holding your hand and knows what lurks or blesses around each corner. :o)
I am so excited for your prospects!
love ya, Trish

Ali said...

I know without a doubt you will be great in plan B so move forward proudly and don't look back.

I love you!

happy little cottage said...

Happy New Year Shann! I am right along beside you working on my Plan B for 2012. Scary and exciting all at the same time!!

Kathy said...

Happy New Year Shann!! I am praying for you and trust God will guide you and lead you gently into all he has in store for you in 2012. Blessings!!

Teresa said...

Happy New Year, Shann! I'm ready to make a few changes myself....things I've been putting off for too long, but tomorrow is the day for me to start. (Have to wait till Monday. It doesn't seem right to start on a weekend. :)

Jen Kershner said...

I hope 2012 will see all of your dreams true. I know that feeling of being ready to see an old year go. Onward and upward.