Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild Animals

 We are just having such a nice time with my sissy and nephew.  On Sunday we began our fun with lunch at Red Robin.  Yum.  Gourmet sandwiches for everyone.
 We had some auntie and kiddo pictures taken.

 Then we moved onto the zoo.  This little fellow was very interested in what we were doing.  Very cute.
 Took a ride on the choo choo.
 We were sharing with the kids stories of when they were quite smaller and the train rides at the zoo we took them on.
 Taylor loves llamas.  She was looking at this one with adoration.....the llama was looking at her like it was about ready to spit.
 We got to take a trip to Africa while at the zoo.
 And while there we got to feed these beautiful creatures.  Look at those tongues!!!

And that was our trip to Africa.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, it is so much fun to see the pictures.

What a happy day!