Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sack or Hot?

My daughters have yet to eat a hot lunch at school so far this school year. They prefer sack this year it appears. I have been having a hard time coming up with ideas for their lunch boxes. Today, I got creative (for me anyway.) This is what daughter #2 had....

Turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce and a tad of mustard. She wanted pickles but I only had bread and butter and she prefers dill. Wavy Lays chips, diced pears and iced animal cookies. She took a baby orange soda and a straw for her drink today. Usually she drinks water or milk but today we splurged on pop.

Daughter #1 (the picky one) took peanut butter and jelly (no surprise there), Wavy Lays and a Ding Dong. Remember when they used to be wrapped in aluminum foil? A looooooong time ago when my mama packed them for me. :) She also got treated to a little pop with a straw. She wanted no part of the diced pears. That is because they were the most healthy thing I offered! Geesh....
What kinds of variety do you or did you pack for your kiddos? I would love some suggestions. And if you had a picky one....I would love to know what you feed them! I guess no one has perished eating to many pbj sandwiches, have they?


traci said...

my son has taken a sack lunch every day since 8th grade. he's a senior now. and for the last 3 years, it's been the same thing every day. crazy.

Ali said...

I try to go with the "you don't have a choice" so your nephew eats hot lunch. For the $1.80, it's so worth it so I don't have to pack lunches. Colin would take cheese slices and Wheat Thins. How about a pita bread with sprouts? :) Ha...I wouldn't even eat that!


Dawn Gahan said...

Who doesn't love the Ding Dong!?!?

I pack Harleigh's lunch every day in a Barbie lunchbox (and she's 17!!!!! what a nut my girl is). A thermos filled with soup or mac and cheese is always a big hit. Cheese and crackers (packed separately so the crackers don't get soggy) turns lunchtime into hors d'oeuvres hour!

Recently I made kale chips. They are to die for and you'd never know they're a vegetable. I also make cauliflower "mashed potatoes" by boiling cauliflower and then putting it into a food processor with butter, cream and salt. Pack that along with a thermos of chili and you know they're gettin' a good meal in their bellies.

If your girls like veggies, edamame is great to pack in a lunch. Steam it to the directions on the package, douse with sea salt, then stick it in the fridge. Great cold!

I freeze pink lemonade Capri Sun's that double as an ice pack. Hers thaws in time for lunch.

I'm a huge fan of packing. (Plus, it allows me to stick fun notes and gumball prizes into her lunch!)


P.S. The drawer pulls are starfish!