Sunday, September 13, 2009

How can this be????

My firstborn baby that I cried out to God to please please give me after three miscarriages....turned 14 years old this past week. How can that be? I remember the day my mother handed her to me after I got back to my room. You see...I had a very hard time delivering her and had to have an emergency c-section with her. She did not want to come out. AT ALL! My mama got to hand her to me for the first time. All that hard work and pain was forgotten. She was the most round faced baby I had ever seen. Cheeks cheeks cheeks! She was so alert and wide eyed. I loved her the moment I saw her.

Fast forward 14 years and here we are today. She is in 8th grade. She is musically gifted. She loves babies with a passion. She is kind and caring and sweet. She is a people watcher like her mama. She sits back and observes the situation. She would give you anything she had. She is a generous girl. She loves her kitty. She likes the Disney channel. She loves Harry Potter. She seems to have an obsession with boys at the moment. She is an honor roll student. She wants to be a "baby doctor" when she gets out of college. She loves Aeropostle clothes. She can text faster than anyone I know. She loves shoes and bags (unlike her mother.) She is singing as loud as she can right now in the bathtub to Miley..."Party in the USA." She is my first baby girl and she is all mine.

Here are some pictures of her special day.

Doing her homework before her birthday dinner. She got stuck with 5 subjects of homework on her birthday! POO POO!!

Her Nana making fried chicken for her dinner. Our tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick any meal they want for their birthday. She is like her daddy...she loves fried chicken!

And mashed potatoes with lots of butter.....

And sweet corn off the cob is a must.....

She asked for a yellow Ipod for her birthday. We had a special inscription put on the back for her to remember her day.

The silly kitty trying to get inside one of her gift bags. Doesn't his beautiful chocolate brown fur go well with pink? Hee hee....

Make a wish my special girl and blow. Mama hopes that all your dreams come true! Shoot for the stars my love....they are all yours for the taking.

Pretty pretty girl. Hope your 14th year on earth is filled with good things, good times, friends, family and lots of love. I love you to to to much!!! XOXOXOXOX


Big O said...

Wow 14 years of Joy,when God sent Shelby to Me(NANA)My first. Little did I know how much you can love Grandbabies. They are the center of my old age. Watching them grow into adults. What a better way to spend my time than that? I love my 3 dearly and am a very proud grandmother. Can't get any better than this.All I can say is Thank you parents and Thank you God for all the love you have given to me.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

fried chicken AND mashed potatoes... hello... YUM!

happy belated to your baby! they DO grow too fast! what a blessing she is!