Friday, December 2, 2011

In Spite Of

I was laying in bed last night thinking "How on earth can it be December 1st already? Where has this year gone?"  Then my mind drifted to Christmas.  And then I panicked.
And then I talked to my Father in Heaven and asked Him to help me with this Season.  I asked for His help with keeping up with my full time job, my family and their needs, my kids and their activities, my home and grocery shopping, my laundry that never EVER goes away, my Christmas shopping for all my family and my list went on and on even more.  And I heard this reply....."I am sufficient.  I am with you.  I came to earth for this.  This season that you are about to embrace and celebrate.....think what it would have been like without Me.  The Great I Am."  Can you imagine Christmas without Christ?

So, today I am off.  I put on my 99 cent Walgreen's jingle bell bracelet to add a little holiday cheer to my day.  I am NOT going to let the evil one steal my joy this season.  Because I know someone much bigger has got my back.  And somehow everything is going to get done.  I don't have it figured out....but The Great I Am does. I ever thankful for that.  Have an awesome Friday, where ever you are.


happy little cottage said...

Hi Shann! You will accomplish everything you want to do!! I have made Christmas a "no obligation" holiday and only do things that bring me JOY!! Take a deep breath and enjoy this wonderful season!!

Kathy said...

Oooh, I love how God responded to you. Wow! I have those moments too when I am laying in bed and I start getting panicked. It's great to know He is the Reason for the Season and somehow someway it all gets done:)

notes of sincerity said...

Bless your heart Shann. I know that feeling, and also lay in bed, lifting my cares to the Lord. I am humbled by His sweet and dear responses. :o)
Have a lovely weekend sweet friend.
Sincerely, Trish

Anonymous said...

Dear one, How very often we get weighed down with the "cares" of this world...then comes "the majestic whisper" that lifts the burden from our shoulders and we walk away with the knowing...all is well!

God put you on my heart today and I whispered your name in prayer. You are loved.