Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap

 How was your Christmas?  Mine was wonderful!  Full and fun and relaxing.  We started by making sugar cookies this year.  My little chef wanted to make and decorate them.
 She was really proud of this one.
 Some decorations I put out this year.  I love these old vintage balls with netting around them.  They were my Grandma Mac's and I love them.
 Festive cherry cheesecakes for my office potluck.  Oh my were these yummy.  I adore cheesecake.
 We started our holiday in Indiana on Christmas Eve.  It was so nice to see them!  The GPS took us on one crazy route to their house.  I kept singing "Over The River And Through The Woods, To Grandmother's House We Go!" because that is exactly what it felt like.  Finally made it home to Illinois to my parents house.  Goodness! There was a lot of packages under that tree!
 Still a tradition in my family to have Santa leave his footprints under the tree.  My parents did it for my sister and I and I have done it every year for my girls.  My thirteen year old informed me that we did not have to leave cookies for Santa this year (sniff sniff) but could she still see Santa's prints under the tree maybe????  She was happy to see them Christmas morning. :)
 Even though we do silly Santa prints under the tree, we acknowledge and believe that Jesus Christ is the reason for this wonderful season of love and why we celebrate is His heavenly birth!
 The girls were still in bed Christmas morning at this time!!!  This is the latest they have ever slept in on Christmas morning.  Little sis came out and then I went in to get big sis.
 This is what I found.  Buried under the covers in Nana's bed.

My most favorite gift of all this little people sewing gal.  Is this not the sweetest thing???  My sister found her online and bought her for me.  I love her.  
And that was my Christmas.  We made some new traditions this year with the sugar cookies and decorating them.  We went home this year to Indiana and Illinois to see our wonderful family and friends.  We went to Christmas Eve service in our home church and saw our church family.  Got lots and lots of hugs.  Made me cry!!  Ate lots of good food.  Opened wonderful gifts.  And mostly, reflected on the most precious gift of all.  I am looking forward to 2012.  I am excited for some new changes in my life.  Can't wait to share them with you.  Happy New Year friends!  


Ali said...

So happy to see you blogging again. Keep it up...I miss you from afar. Love the picture of Sissy in bed, bum. Can tell she is a teenager. Loved being with you guys on Christmas!!

Jennifer said...


Love your Christmas recap!
You are so close to your family like me. It just shines through your blog:) So happy your were all together!
You know I love Little People, the sewing machine/and girl is a perfect it!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so wonderful. I am happy for you Shann. May the New Year be a real blessing for you and your family. Hugs Joy