Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Sweet Mama

 I took a trip back home to Illinois for a very special event this past weekend.  My sweet Mama had a birthday and I went home to surprise her.  I know I am home when I see the big grain bins on the horizon in our little farming town. 
 My sister had these little pretties blooming in her yard.  I still have nothing blooming in my yard.  Hopefully soon!

 My sister and I also shared some of my most favorite pizza together while I was home.  If I had to make a top ten list of things I miss most about moving away from my hometown....this would SURELY be on that list.  I can hardly stand looking at this now.  My mouth is watering!!! 
  These little boogers are my dads enemy.  Their yard has several trees with these little "gumballs" we call them.  They were falling like little bombs all over their yard. 
  Getting ready for the party to begin!

The birthday cake!
The beautiful birthday girl!

Let's go back to this cake for a moment.  Just look at those beautiful roses in all the pastel colors.  Pink ones....ohhhhh how lovely!

And this! Strawberry Bavarian cream filling on the inside.  Layer after layer.  OK...my mouth is watering again!  Go ahead and double click on the photo so you can really enjoy the cake.  I will wait for you.  :)

I made my mama a little cover for her Kindle.  I was a bit worried that it would fit since I had to take the measurements off the computer and I did not have the actual device to "try it on."  It fit and she was excited to have a snazzy little cover for her toy.
And that was it.  Another wonderful trip home to see people I love.  How can it get better than that?


traci said...

happy birthday to your mom. how sweet that you surprised her. that pizza looks like aurelio's pizza. and that cake looks to die for.

where in illinois were you?

Ali said...

Come back now. We miss you. I order the pizza and have it waiting.

Little Sis

Jennifer said...

Oh....love this post. Your mom is beautiful and how surprised she must have been when you arrived. Pizza is one of my favorite things to eat....and yours looks delicious. I of course had to double click on that amazing cake:) I love being with family and I know it is special for you, as well. Much love
PS...thanks for sharing about your MOPS experience on my blog...love that you went back to help with the little ones when your kids got older.

notes of sincerity said...

Aww..your mom is just the cutest! What a pretty cake and decorations for such a special lady! Your kindle cover is so cute. You did a great job!
I am like you, certain foods that only you can get at home, are the most missed. Boy that pizza looks yummy. Especially with the mushrooms.
I can appreciate your dad's hatred for those "boogers", we have them too!
Have a super day.
Sincerely, Trish