Sunday, April 10, 2011


 Well, I have been waiting for warmer weather to come to Michigan.  But wowza!  We went from 40's and 50's to 80's!  I am a gradual kind of gal.  I like it to go up in small increments.  It got so warm in our house that I had to turn on the air conditioning to get the heat out.  And to keep my hairy kitty alive!  

I was also anticipating church today.  Our pastor has been doing sermons from Revelation.  They have been AWESOME!  So much teaching from such a Godly man.  I have been taking page after page of notes to look back on during my quiet time.  But today, I was surprised to see another pastor speaking.  He did a fantastic job!  He preached from 2 Samuel 9:1-13.  I sat next to an elderly woman today whom I did not know.  I have never heard Jesus Messiah sang so sweetly in my whole life.

And remember that sweet baby I have been in GREAT anticipation for that I told you was making her debut in April??? she is!  Mama and baby are doing just fine.  I will be snuggling and kissing and smelling and holding and rocking this sweetie next weekend.  And I can hardly wait.


A Gardner's Cottage said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I think we might go to the same church. I really enjoyed todays service as well.

Babies are just so sweet! Enjoy the snuggle!

Jennifer said...

What a sweet baby.....there is nothing better than snuggling with one and taking in that baby smell.