Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Recap

Finally got the pictures uploaded from Christmas.  Looking back on them makes me realize we had even more fun than I remembered!  Don't photos do that to us?  Take us back to the time they were taken and those emotions come back as well.  They sure do for me.

 Our real Michigan tree.  She smells so good.

 Gingerbread house Taylor made all by herself...well....Nanny helped a little.

 Cookies and eggnog by the "fire" ready for Santa to come devour.  They still wanted to put them out this year.  There are two plates.  One for our kids and my sister brought hers with them so they could do their tradition up here with us. 

My Santa socking that I have had since my first Christmas when I was 7 months old.  I would say this is an antique.  :)

 Santa's footprints he left us by the tree.  Another tradition my sissy and I continued since we were little girls and our daddy did it for us.

 Simon and his toys Alison gave to him.  He isn't very happy here because my sister brought her BIG doggie up here and Simon is not fond of him at all.

 Sophie and her rawhide chewie.  She really enjoyed this!

 One of the sweetest little dolls my youngest daughter asked for.  I love her button eyes!  It was fun buying a doll for her.  I know very soon the toy buying for Christmas will end....

 And lastly, there was a little bit of this going on as well.  Just "resting their eyes" we were told.  :)


traci said...

looks like a wonderful christmas was had by all.

Sewn With Grace said...

Love all your photos! Looks like a good time was had by all, even the kitty. Hope your Dad is feeling better!

Teresa said...

It looks like you had a truly wonderful Christmas! I love, love your stocking. What a keepsake. I'm partial to the last picture as I'm a bit of an "eye rester" myself.
Happy New Year!
Teresa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with people you love the most!