Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday's Galore

December is the month for birthday's of three people I love.  First my hubby's birthday.  We celebrated his special day in great style.  Last year he could not make it home from a work trip due to the snow.  This year he was lucky and did not spend it stranded in an airport.  

 We always decorate with birthday banners and balloons to make it festive.  After all....birthday's are a big deal!  :)

We also have a tradition where the birthday person gets to pick their menu for the special day.  As usual...he picks fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.  Dessert is ALWAYS a coconut cream pie.  My mom usually makes it.  This year, we were in Michigan and she is in Illinois.  So, what is a wife to do?  Learn how to make coconut cream pie!  And so I did.

 Next, I traveled back to Illinois to spend the day celebrating two of my most dearest friends birthday's.  I had been praying for no snow so I could get home.  I made it safe and sound.  We had a lovely breakfast together to celebrate these special gals.  We drank coffee and laughed and drank more coffee and ate and laughed.  We set up Kim's and my sissy fancy-smanchy cameras and turned the timer on so we could get a group shot.  We were happy with the way this one turned out.  Friends.  We are a group of women who have walked all sorts of roads in our lives.  We are all walking towards the same goal be Godly women, good people, good mothers, good friends.

With a little bit of goofy thrown in for good measure.  Hey...who says old ladies can't rock?  (Our kids are so going to be embarrassed with these pictures!)


Ali said...

OH my, are we a bunch of freaks at the Goat Rodeo or what?

notes of sincerity said...

Oh I just love your special celebrations! We also have the birthday boy or girl choose a full day of meals. From breakfast on. :o) Sometimes that is a creative endeavor, but so much fun just the same! :o) My husband chooses carrot cake every year! :o)
I hope you are staying snuggly warm and enjoying Christmas. :o)
Sincerely - Trish
ps. I really like your goals ... they are mine as well. :o)