Monday, May 10, 2010

My Special Day As A Mama

My Mother's Day was lovely.  Was yours?  I woke to coffee that my hubby had already set to brew the night before.  It was a nice sound.  My youngest daughter could not wait any longer for her big sis to get up so she took it upon herself to wake her so they could give me my gifts that they had picked out especially for me.  How sweet of them.  I loved this gift bag my youngest daughter made for me.  She knows this mama loves Minnie Mouse so she decorated it accordingly.

Oldest daughter gave her mama a pink butterfly bush for my new garden. 

Both girls gave me these new bath products from Bath and Body.  Have you smelled these yet????  Oh should.  They are to die for.  Summer Vanillas Berry.  Yummmmm.

This is what was in my Minnie bag from youngest daughter.  A new make up bag.  She said she chose this pattern for me because it has flowers on it and the color pink.  Two things she knows I like.

Yummy candy for me.

Sweet home made cards from my girls.

After gifts, we went to church.  They had a very nice slide show about mothers on the screen.  Isn't this little girl the sweetest thing????  :)  You can click on the photo and make it bigger to read what the scripture is. 

The kids took me out to lunch after church.  This fine dining establishment was what I picked.  It is the cutest McDonald's.  It is decorated like a log cabin.  Very clean and neat.  I knew that every place would be busy on Mother's day and daddy had to fly out for work, so we just went someplace quick.  I also knew the kids would love it and I really do love those hot salty fries.  Yum!

Here we and my girls.

Later in the afternoon, I ran to Michaels to get a couple things I needed to finish a project.  I decided this mama needed happy hour.  I am a real wild one.......Sonic half price drinks.......Low Cal Cherry Limeade.  I really must contain myself.  Hee hee.

After the kids got to bed and hubby had safely made it to his destination, I popped some of my most favorite food and cracked open a diet coke and watched Titanic on the telly.  It was a lovely day.

I did not get to spend it with my family or friends like I usually do.  That was hard for me.  Tears came to my eyes while we were eating lunch because I missed them and our tradition.

And lastly, this was on my calendar for Mother's Day.  Enough said.  :)


Ali said...

OH you were with us in spirit, but we missed you terribly. And your furry nephew really missed you.

Love your Mother's Day presents!!

Deb said...

Looks like you had a great day!

Big O said...

The day was Missing You! MIMi even asked "where is all my family". It went down from Aunt Pat's family and yours ( sometimes Aunt Amandas) to just 3 of us. When we went to her Mothers day Tea.