Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dance

We survived the big night!  Well, I never had any doubt that darling daughter would was me I was worried about.  This part of mothering is new for me.  Letting my daughter go off to a dance.  :)  Sniff....sniff.

We were very thankful.  The rain held off until the pretty girls got into the school.  Then down it came.  It would of really messed up their pretty hair-do's if we would of been caught out in that downpour! 

 Here she is at our house all dolled up and ready to go.  She was so happy with her dress and it looked so darn cute on her little figure.  She borrowed a little handbag from her Nanny to use for the big night.  Gotta keep that cell phone with you at ALL times when you are in 8th grade.  :)



 She meet up with a group of friends at another friends house.  We took their pictures in front of the most wonderful smelling lilac bush.  It was like perfume from God. 

 And lastly at the school, she meet up with her date for the evening.  He is the sweetest young man.  He even bought her a corsage for the evening.  Awwww.

She called me when the dance was over and told me she had a "FANTASTIC TIME" and also that "two hours was not nearly long enough for a dance mom."

I vaguely remember very long ago.

I am so very proud of you sweet baby girl.  I am proud of the young woman you are becoming.  I am proud of the choices you are faced with and make.  I am proud to be your mama.  XOXOXO

Her daddy and I were a little quiet when we left her at the school.  I don't know about him, but this song came to my heart......

 (you will have to pause my playlist so both are not playing at the same time)

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