Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

If you are reading this...hello.  :)  It seems I have been away for awhile.  Like two months awhile.  We had the most wonderful Christmas this year.  How was yours?  My family traveled to Michigan to spend time with us this season.  We had so much fun!  I thought I would share some pictures of my holiday.
These are a few of my aprons.  See my little Christmas one?  It was fun wearing it to the cafe each day.
 My daughter and I baked some sugar cookies before my family came up.  When they all got here, we decorated them.  My daddy even decorated some.  What wonderful memories.
 Hubby and I picking our tree for the season.  She was a beautiful tree.
 I also made two quilts for my mom and sister this year for Christmas.  I can not believe I made two.  Crazy for me!
This is my mama enjoying hers.  I believe we were watching one of the many Christmas movies we enjoyed together as a family.
 Here is my sister enjoying hers.  It was so fun watching her carry it up the stairs for bed each night.  I love that they loved them.  Quilts are a labor of love for sure!
 Our little tree all lit up on Christmas Eve.
 My fuzzy kitty checking out the lights.
 Our beautiful church on Christmas Eve.
This is my most favorite Christmas decoration.  My old Santa.  My parents have their Christmas card from 1969 of me holding him.  I was two years old.  He has been with me every year since.

I hope your Christmas was relaxing and fun and many new memories were made.


Sewn With Grace said...

YEA!!! You are back! I so enjoyed taking a walk through your Christmas pictures. The quilts are beautiful! Everything you do has such sweetness and charm to it, just like you!

jentemitt said...

Hi Shann,

It was such fun to see all the pictures and read the thoughts of your Christmas celebration with the family.

We had all the children and grands at our house this year. plus a few of the bonus children gathered over the years. It was wonderful.

God bless you and the family in the New Year! Love, from the north country.

Big O said...

Who is that Old lady with that Beautiful Quilt? Oh! she is the Momma that has such Sweet Girls for daughters!That spoil me :) They are Gods most precious Gift to me,and the Grand kids they have blessed me with.

Kathy said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for sharing about your Christmas. So glad to hear you had a lovely one!! Your cookies are beautiful and what treasures you gave your dear mom and sister. Blankets of love! What a feat to get 2 done before Christmas!!

I pray many blessings in your new year!!!

With my love,